Formerly old peat workings, in 2007 the owner developed the site to include a fishing lake.

The lake is 5.5 acres in size, and has two large islands connected by a bridge. This allows anglers to fish socially from the islands but to totally different parts of the lake. This results in each angler having his own water. The lake is stocked with 200 stunning fast-growing mirror carp and 40 common carp up to 26lb from carp farmer Andy Parker (Handycarp). These will then be fed for the summer 2013 resulting in a good head of fish from mid/late double up to low thirties with a large head of twenties. There are 12 swims on the lake; several of these will accommodate two anglers.


Toilets and shower block will only be open during full-lake bookings.

Fish from designated pegs.

Festival carp fishery and all associates accept no liability for injury or lost equipment. All anglers fish at their own risk.

3 Rods maximum.

All swims to be kept free from litter at all times. All litter to be taken home.

Landing nets must be 42" minimum.

Only Carp cradles and large beanie unhooking mats allowed.

No carp to be retained at anytime.

Barbless hooks only.

No fixed rigs. Rig checks will be carried out by bailiffs.

10 lb minimum line.

Fish must be returned quickly to avoid causing unnecessary stress.

No juniors without adult supervision at anytime.

Do not touch the electric fence.

Strictly no nuts (including Tiger nuts).

Particles allowed in moderation (only shop bought prepared particles).

Radios allowed but not loud (do not disturb other anglers).

No rods to be left unattended at anytime.

Alcohol allowed but drunkeness is not tolerated.

Klin-Ik or similar to be carried by all anglers.

Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the fishery.


Whole lake full week £900

Whole lake Friday 10am until 10am monday £500

Whole lake Monday 10am until Friday 10am £500

24 hour ticket £20

1 swim for 7 days £120